Saturday, July 14, 2012

Welcome to Ghostess With the Mostest

Thanks for your interest.

Ghostess With the Mostest provides quality, affordable, ghost writing services to individuals and corporations that have stories to be told, and need them to be conveyed in a compelling, entertaining, engaging, professional way.

Whether it's a short piece to increase awareness of an important cause, or a lengthy book that allows you to share your expertise or adventures, you've come to the "write" person.

My diverse professional, educational, and social backgrounds enable me to "speak" to a wide range of audiences, and to assist you in choosing the right words for the right situation.

Though my passion is in writing, my degrees are in business.
A combination that allows me to not only collaborate effectively, but also to contribute to the success of your bottom line.

Due to the confidentiality of this line of work, I'm not able to "expose" my clients through testimonials.
But, it's highly likely you've read my ghost work in many online business publications and popular blogs.

(I also ghost for other writers who are overwhelmed and short on time.)

From "street talk" to "geek talk"-- I speak your language.
Whatever your creative goals, you can trust that your voice will be in good hands.

Let's talk today.